Where does the money go?

The average Australian couple spends over $30,000 on their wedding, but how does it add up so fast?

Let’s break our couples up into three categories:

a) The Spendthrifty – those who like to spend

b) The Prettythrifty – those who are have more cost-effective ways to say “I do”

c) The Beyond Thrifty – could say they are “really smart” or just “plain tight” with their money

VENUE – Spendthrifty rents a church or venue for a rate from $500 to to $2000, Prettythrifty has an outdoor ceremonmy to save on rental fees, tents are less expensive and don’t need much decorating, and Beyond Thrifty chooses the wedding “off season” and negotiates a better price for the venue.

GUEST LIST – Spendthrifty invites everyone they know, Prettythrifty invites the people they love the most, immediate family and closest  friends.  Small weddings are less stressful and more intimate, and Beyond Thrifty prints their own invitations and puts the details online.

DRESS – Spendthrifty spends thousands of dollars on a wedding dress, Prettythrifty brings a picture and has a dress made custom by a seamstress or buys the floor sample from a store on discount, and Beyond Thrifty wears flowers instead of buying a veil – you’ll only wear it once, anyway!!

CEREMONY – Spendthrity books a full fledged band for the ceremony, Prettythrifty asks a talented friend to play at the ceremony in return for exposure and a free meal, and Beyond Thrifty rents a karaoke machine and a couple of microphones.

Which one are you?