Adam & Yusi Story

“We first met when Yusi started working where I worked. After getting to know each other we decided to start seeing each other outside of work and things went from there.

Just over a year after we started going out, we were getting ready to go out to dinner and I suggested she wear some bling. When she asked what, I showed her the engagement ring!

For our wedding, we wanted to keep it small but we still found ourselves overwhelmed by everything we would have to organise. That’s when Yusi found Elope to the Coast. A small wedding in Queensland with everything organised for us was exactly what we wanted.

Everything about our wedding was perfect. We loved the apartment we stayed in, Yusi’s makeup artist did a wonderful job, the ceremony was great, Ray took some amazing photos and we couldn’t be happier with how Elope to the Coast organised everything, answered our questions, made us feel at ease when we were nervous and even helped us out with a few things after the wedding. Even the weather was great!

We stayed in Queensland for a week after the wedding and it was the best week of our lives. In large part that was due to the wedding being so good. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Elope to the Coast to anyone.

Our tip: On the day of the wedding, don’t stress out over the little details. Just go with the flow and enjoy the day. Also, listen to the team at Elope  – they’ve  done this before!”

Again,  thanks again for everything.


Adam & Yusi Coppola.

We couldn’t resist this photo as both Adam & Yusi work for Toyota