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Month: July 2014

Testimonial from Mrs Cunningham

Sean and I found Elope to the Coast very efficient, extremely helpful and everyone involved were just so lovely and friendly! Our day was everything we dreamed of and more. The service provided was just absolutely amazing. We have been recommending you to everyone we know since we got home! 100% amazing. Would not have changed a thing! We are so, so happy and could not thank you more!!

Valentine’s Day Wedding Proposal

Here is the story of our recent couple, Sean and Emma.  Elope to the Coast were extremely proud to organise their whole wedding!

They met at their local gold club in 2010. They were introduced by some mutual friends. Over the next few weeks thet decided they wanted to be together and well, they have been, ever since!

Sean took Emma to the park where they had decided they wanted to be boyfriend and girlfriend.  Close by there is a gazebo.  On Valentines Day 2014,  Sean took Emma to the same park, got down on one knee with a box in hand and said ‘Emma, will you be Mrs Cunningham?’ Emma giggled and said “YES”!!

Emma and Sean got married and had their honeymoon at the same time. It was wonderful – they had amazing dinners, a few drinks to celebrate and explored around Palm Beach and Surfers Paradise.

Emma’s Tip: I would give for future brides is, “You don’t have to have an over the top extravagant wedding to have an amazing day. Our eloping was just us 2. It was intimate and no dramas at all!”

We are pleased to advise that Ray Lawler was our wedding photographer (another professional job, yet again).

10th Anniversary Wedding

Ben and Rebekka met 10 years ago in Port Macquarie. They were introduced to each other by Rebekka’s sister, who knew Ben through his house mate.

Ben proposed a few times, but there was no ring… lol! When he could afford a ring, he proposed in their loungeroom one Saturday night while they were watching Harry Potter!

They had their “weddingmoon” on the Gold Coast when they got married last week, but they are planning on having their real honeymoon in Fiji at the end of the year when Rebekka’s best friend gets married there.

Rebekka found Elope to the Coast‘s on the internet and decided to get married on their 10th anniversary. They thought it would be perfect to allow someone else plan their wedding for them and they were from interstate. Rebekka said “We couldn’t of asked for an easier wedding planning process. After we chose our date & package, it was all planned for us! we had the most amazing weather & the wedding photos are fantastic (www.ray-lawler.com.au)! The restaurant that was recommended to us was sensational, loved the meal! nothing was a problem for the team & they were more than accommodating to our needs & wishes! we couldn’t of asked for a better day! thanks guys!”

Testimonial by Rebekka

After being engaged for 6yrs & having 2 beautiful little girls, we decided it was time to get married! We had always dreamed of a beach wedding in Queensland. After finding Elope to the Coast‘s website & contacting them, we decided to get married on our 10th anniversary. We thought it would be perfect for us to allow someone else plan our wedding for us, as we were so busy with the kids & from interstate. We couldn’t of asked for an easier planning process. After we chose our date & package, it was all planned for us! We had the most amazing weather and the photos are fantastic! The restaurant that was recommended to us was sensational, loved the meal! Nothing was a problem for the team and they were more than accommodating to our needs & wishes! We couldn’t of asked for a better day! Thanks guys!

Perfect Match

When Pauline and Wayne met, it was love at first sight!  They met in a nightclub, exchanged mobile numbers, and got to know each other over a long lunch.  They were mesmerized by each other, and this attraction still remains.

Wayne proposed to Pauline at Botany Bay whilst enjoying a picnic on a Sunday afternoon.

They thought about who to invite, and other issues and it all got “too tough”.  Pauline had heard of Elope to the Coast via a lady she worked with and googled them.  She looked at the packages and thought “this is it, this  is our answer!”

Pauline made contact with Elope to the Coast who sent her out an information package with a DVD showing her of previous weddings.  Wayne decided that the “Dreams are Perfect” wedding package was what they wanted.

They flew to the Gold Coast Airport where they were picked up by a stretch limousine and taken to their accommodation at Regency on the Beach.  Wow, a room right on the beach – couldn’t get much better than this!!

Their celebrant met them at their accommodation when they arrived and they went over their wedding details.  They then had a massage therapist come to them, in room, where they were each treated to a half hour massage – what a great way to start their 5 night holiday!

On her wedding day, Pauline had her hair and make-up professionally done, got dressed and met Wayne on the beach for their beach wedding.

Within half an hour they were husband and wife!!  They received a champagne toast afterwards and a beautifully decorated wedding cake that they could enjoy over their stay.

They had an excellent honeymoon, ate and drank themselves silly, went to the beach in front of their resort for swims and walks along the beach, it was just “magic”. 

When they arrived back home, they had their family and friends over for a BBQ, and showed them their wedding video and photos!!  To them, it was the best “carefree” wedding they could have experienced.

Congratulations to Pauline and Wayne, Elope to the Coast wishes you a fabulous life together.