This was from an article in the Gold Coast Bulletin on Monday 17th February 2014.

Bus has just the ticket to help out stuck newlyweds

Passengers on the Surfside bus heading from Main Beach to Sea World on Friday must have thought they were in a remake of The Graduate.

Hailing the bus were a bride and groom who purchased two tickets and then settled down for the short ride to Sheraton Mirage Resort.

It wasn’t a movie but the tail end of the wedding of a gold coast restaurateur.

After marrying at the Sheraton, the wedding party headed to Chill for the reception and it was then that the happy couple realised they had forgotten to organise transport back to the bridal suite at the Sheraton.

All hail the big yellow bus.  Great fun and the passengers loved it.

Moral of the story:  Elope to the Coast will cover all bases.  Our experience with thousands of weddings is we think of everything – even the transport!!  Even if our couples don’t choose our advice, we still offer it.